Why study in the Australia

    Australia promotes innovation, creativity and independent thoughts for students who study at their universities. International students’ study center is designed to keep students informed on the programs and updates from universities in Australia. There are thousands of courses offered throughout the universities in the country. International students who study in Australia universities and colleges find education challenging, fun and rewarding. The country is full of opportunities to live, grow and learn. An increasing number of Indian students are opting for Australia to study abroad for its world-class education, post study work opportunities in Australia and it’s excellent quality of living.

    Fact about the Australia

    Whatever course you choose to undertake, you’ll be assured of unbeatable academic excellence and support system for international students. all available intakes for Australia.


    Australia generally has two intakes, i.e., February and July, with few Universities offering multiple intakes in September & November. You should start your admission process around six months before the application deadline. Typically most universities have three deadlines during one intake. 

    Universities in Australia

    Australia is recognized among the world’s top study destinations with eight of its universities in the top universities in the QS world ranking 2021. Studying in Australia’s best universities is a dream come true for many Indian and International students. Universities in Australia offer its students a high class education which is recognized globally. Along with the variety of programs, you can choose to study at Australia’s top universities as well as colleges in Australia.

    Australia is a home to 43 universities. 37 universities of Australia rank among the top 1000 universities in the world as per Times Higher Education 2020. Australian universities are a blend of academic and teaching excellence and ground breaking research opportunities. Universities in Australia are so distributed that there is at least one main campus of university in each state. Here is the list of top 10 universities in Australia.

    University Ranking

    Here the list of colleges and universities as per the ranking.

    Name of the University National Ranking
    University of Melbourne 1
    University of Sydney 2
    Australian national University 3
    University of Queensland 4
    Monash University 5
    University of New South Wales 6
    University of Adelaide 7
    University of Western Australia 8
    University of Technology Sydney 9
    University of Canberra 10


    Australia University list as per the subject ranking are given below:

    Name of the University Subjects
    UNSW Accounting and Finance
    University of Queensland, Australian National University Agriculture and Forestry
    University of Melbourne Anatomy and Physiology
    University of Sydney, Australian National University Anthropology
    University of Melbourne Business and Management Studies
    University of Melbourne Computer Science and Information Systems
    Australian National University Mathematics
    University of Melbourne Medicine


    Top ranked Universities in Australia by International student percentage

    Name of the University Global Ranking Percentage of International Students
    University of Melbourne 31 48%
    University of Sydney 51 43%
    Australian national University 59 47%
    University of Queensland 62 38%
    Monash University 64 43%
    University of New South Wales 67 44%
    University of Adelaide 118 29%
    University of Western Australia 139 29%
    University of Technology Sydney 160 36%
    University of Canberra 184 35%


    Total Universities in Australia

    World University rank 2021  Australia Rank 2021 University City State/territory
    31  1 University of Melbourne Melbourne Victoria
    51  2 University of Sydney Sydney New South Wales
    59  3 Australian National University Canberra Australian Capital Territory
    62  4 The University of Queensland Brisbane Queensland
    64  5 Monash University Melbourne Victoria
    67  6 UNSW Sydney Kensington New South Wales
    118  7 University of Adelaide Adelaide South Australia
    139  8 The University of Western Australia Perth Western Australia
    160  9 University of Technology Sydney Sydney New South Wales
    184  10 University of Canberra Canberra Australian Capital Territory
    186  11 Queensland University of Technology Brisbane Queensland
    195  12 Macquarie University Sydney New South Wales
    201–250  13 Curtin University Perth Western Australia
    201–250  13 Griffith University Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan Queensland
    201–250  13 James Cook University Townsville City Queensland
    201–250  13 La Trobe University Melbourne Victoria
    201–250  13 University of Wollongong Wollongong New South Wales
    251–300  18 Australian Catholic University Sydney New South Wales
    251–300  18 Deakin University Geelong Victoria
    251–300  18 Flinders University Adelaide South Australia
    251–300  18 University of Newcastle Callaghan New South Wales
    251–300  18 Western Sydney University Sydney New South Wales
    301–350  23 RMIT University Melbourne Victoria
    301–350  23 University of South Australia Adelaide South Australia
    351–400  25 Swinburne University of Technology Hawthorn Victoria
    351–400  25 University of Tasmania Hobart Tasmania
    351–400  25 Victoria University Melbourne Victoria
    401–500  28 Edith Cowan University Joondalup Western Australia
    501–600  29 Bond University Gold Coast Queensland
    501–600  29 Charles Darwin University Casuarina Northern Territory
    501–600  29 Murdoch University Murdoch Western Australia
    501–600  29 University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba Queensland
    601–800  33 Southern Cross University Lismore New South Wales
    601–800  33 University of the Sunshine Coast Sunshine Coast Queensland
    801–1000  35 Central Queensland University Rockhampton Queensland
    801–1000  35 Charles Sturt University Bathurst New South Wales
    801–1000  35 Federation University Australia Brisbane Victoria


    Universities in Australia for MBA

    Master of Business management programs were ranked based on the indicators of employability, entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes and return on investment. The universities in Australia for MBA are also considered on the leadership and diversity of the students. Here is the list of Universities and Australia Colleges for MBA.

    University Global Rank National Rank Location
    Melbourne Business School 26 1 Melbourne
    UNSW 42 2 Sydney
    Monash Business School 90 3 Melbourne
    The University of Queensland 111-120 4 Brisbane
    Macquarie Business School 131-140 5 Sydney


    Top Universities in Australia for MS

    The universities and the top 10 colleges in Australia have been ranked numerically. The overall good universities rankings are based on their positions as well. The Universities in Australia for MS was evaluated based on its research performance and its ratings by members of the academic community around the world and in the region. Here is list of universities in Australia for masters.

    University Name National Ranking
    University of Melbourne 1
    University of Sydney 2
    University of Queensland 3
    Monash University 4
    University of New South Wales 5
    Australian National University 6
    University of Adelaide 7
    University of Western Australia 8
    University Technology Sydney 10
    Curtin University 11


    What to study in Australia?

    Australia is a home to top universities and colleges. There are 8 universities ranked among the top 100 universities globally. The Australian universities for international students provide three main types of degrees- Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees. Here is the table demonstrating the duration and the type of course.

    Degree Type Duration
    Bachelors Degree- General 3 Years
    Bachelors Degree- Professional 4 Years
    Bachelor Degree + Honors 3 to 4 years +1 additional year to enter the masters or research program
    Masters by Coursework 1-2 Years
    Masters- Extended 3-4 Years
    Masters by Research 1-2 Years
    Doctoral Degree 3-5 Years
    Doctoral Degree(Professional) 3-5 Years


    Australian universities and colleges offer a wide range of course from science to management. The government universities in Australia and private institutions offer the most popular courses among international students. Here is the list of courses offered by the best colleges in Australia and the best universities.

    •       Accountancy
    •       Actuarial Science
    •       Agricultural Sciences
    •       Architecture
    •       BioMedical Engineering
    •       Core Engineering
    •       Earth Sciences and related
    •       Computer Sciences and Information Technology
    •       Medicine
    •       Tourism and Hospitality Management

    Why study in Australia?

    Top universities and top colleges in Australia, vibrant cities, incredible nature and several oceans are just some reasons why many students choose to study in Australia. The country is a home to the best colleges and universities. This could be one main reason to choose Australia as the best study destination.

     Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider studying in Australia.

    •       Top Quality Universities
    •       Cultural Diversity
    •       Multitude of degrees and majors
    •       Great outdoors
    •       Easy access to student visas
    •       Internship availability
    •       Vibrant City life
    •       Good nature and wildlife
    •       Easy communication
    •       Incredible work opportunities

    Cost of Studying in Australia

    Cost of Studying in Australia is a major concern for every student. Knowing the cost of living and the education prices can help you plan your expenses and trip ahead. You should be aware that the cost of studying the program will solely depend upon the program. The cost will fluctuate based on the institution, level of program, city and the lifestyle choices you make.

    Level of Program Fees
    School 7800- 30,000 AUD
    ELICOS 300 AUD per week
    Undergraduate Program 20,000- 40,000 AUD
    Postgraduate Program 20,000- 50,000 AUD
    Doctoral Programs 18,000- 42,000 AUD


    Cheapest Universities in Australia

    Australia remains the most popular study destination for international students. The numbers are expected to rise further in the upcoming years. The cost of living in Australia shouldn’t be a barrier to your dreams of studying abroad. Here is the list of cheapest universities and Australia colleges below. You can check the Australia college list and apply to the universities and colleges for admission and complete the education without breaking the bank.

    University/ College Tuition Fee per annum
    Federation University 21925 AUD
    Victoria University 18363 AUD
    Torrens University 21293 AUD
    Charles Darwin University 19928 AUD
    Australian Catholic University 19080 AUD
    University of Sunshine Coast 9800 AUD
    Western Sydney University 25107 AUD
    University of Wollongong 19490 AUD
    Southern Cross University 21213 AUD
    University of New England 22333 AUD


    Jobs in Australia

    Australia is a hub of research and technology. The universities offer great research work in the field of arts and humanities, education and sciences. Some of the crucial inventions and research from Australia include the discovery of penicillin, IVF, Wi-Fi etc. Australia can be a great choice for foreign students in all aspects from course-work to undertaking one’s own research.

    An Australian degree brings along abundant job opportunities post-study. Employers and top-notch companies across the globe value a graduate from an Australian University with high paying jobs. In order to work in Australia, you can apply for Temporary Graduate Visa 485 before applying for PR.

    There are a huge number of job opportunities available in Australia to work. From world famous recruiters to start ups, all kinds of employers look forward to working with graduates from the best colleges and universities in Australia.

    International study in Australia offers a wide range of rewarding experiences as well as a world class education. If you are considering studying in Australia, you should keep these in mind and start working on it.