PhD Abroad

computer science phds

Ph.D Programs in Computer Science

Computer Science is now ruling the world. At this rapid pace, everything is digital and virtual. Gaining a Ph.D. in computer science will get you many opportunities to develop a successful work-life. It requires both abstract and concrete thinking to apply theory and practice to computing. There are many programs all over the world, offering a Ph.D. in Computer Science programs. Depending on the university, the curriculum for a Ph.D. in Computer Science varies.

  • University of Waterloo, Canada

  • University of Washington, U.S.A

  • Columbia University, U.S.A

  • California Institute of Technology, U.S.A

  • Imperial College London, United Kingdom

biology phds

Ph.D Programs in Biology

Ph.D in Biology programs usually include gaining a solid foundation in biological sector, as well as such concentrations as ecology, evolutionary biology, molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, and neuroscience. Ph.D programs in Biology usually consist of challenging coursework, seminars, laboratory work, research, and dissertation, all working closely with faculty. Graduates of Ph.D Biology programs are prepared to enter careers as educators and researchers at private and public institutions.

  • University of California, U.S.A

  • John Hopkins University, U.S.A

  • University College London, United Kingdom

  • University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • University of Toronto, Canada

physics phds

Ph.D Programs in Physics

Candidates for a Physics Ph.D program are typically graduates from previous degree programs that provided a necessary basis of knowledge in mathematics and science. Some specializations for Physics Ph.D programs can include condensed matter physics, atomic physics, molecular physics, optical physics, geophysics, biophysics, high energy/particle physics, and astrophysics.

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology , U.S.A

  • University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • Australian National University, Australia

  • University of Auckland, New Zealand

management phds

Ph.D Programs in Management

What is a Ph.D in Management? The field of management is all about overseeing other employees to ensure they are working effectively. Students learn negotiation, conflict resolution, and communication in order to manage a work force efficiently. Most management programs will also help students to understand basic operational business practices, which include more than just how to manage others.

  • University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A

  • University of Toronto, Canada

  • Imperial College London, United Kingdom

  • Cornell University, U.S.A

  • California Institute of Technology, U.S.A

mech phds

Ph.D Programs in Mechanical Engineering

A Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering degree can open many doors for career opportunities. With a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, candidates can specialize in one of several sub-disciplines such as mechanics, mechatronics and robotics, structural analysis, thermodynamics and thermo-science, or design.

During the approximately four years, candidates work on their Ph.D Mechanical Engineering degree, they will conduct their own original research on a specific topic that must result in a dissertation of publishable quality. Candidates have the opportunity to investigate more deeply the discipline’s frontiers of research, like microelectro-mechanical systems, friction stir welding, composites, nanotechnology, finite element analysis, or biomechanics.

  • Stanford University, U.S.A

  • Georgia Institute of Technology, Canada

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A

  • University of Manchester, United Kingdom

  • Cranfield University, United Kingdom

civil phds

Ph.D Programs in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines and refers to the design, construction, and maintenance of structures integral to the public, such as roads, dams, bridges, canals, and buildings. Ph.D Civil Engineering programs require candidates to be innovative, critical thinkers who can apply theory to practice.

With a Ph.D Civil Engineering degree, candidates are allowed a specialization area. Examples include geotechnical, structures, construction and management, transportation, and environmental. Most Ph.D Civil Engineering programs consist of coursework, examinations and research toward a dissertation. Graduates holding a Ph.D Civil Engineering degree are qualified to go onto careers as educators in universities, research institutions, private or public sectors of the industry, or government.

  • University of British Columbia, Canada

  • The University of Queensland, Australia

  • University of Texas, U.S.A

  • Purdue University, U.S.A

  • University of New South Wales, Australia