Become a Partner

Good Pay-scale

Earn a generous payout with each successful application of the student. Our partners deserve full transparency in terms of the industry pay after the efforts they
put in for each application. Hence, the payments are very quick, easy and highly transparent. Earn additional incentives for processing a large volume of student applications to the Universities.

Fastest processing procedures

Using our extensive database of more than 500+ Universities in different countries all over the globe, the students will be easily able to find a perfect match in line with their academic and financial circumstances. Once the University is chosen, the application is processed almost immediately as to avoid delays because
we understand the value of a student’s career and our partner’s reputation.

Maximize your leads

Generate, track and convert leads into eligible candidates without any hassle by perfectly matching the scores of the student with respect to the course admission requirements and their proficiency in English.

Scholarship Information

Help deserving students achieve their dream careers by providing with scholarships information of various Universities all in one place with just a click away. All that needs to be done is to apply relevant filters and download filtered information. It makes a huge difference in the student’s life if they receive a scholarship using our easily accessible services and nurtures them to be future leaders.

Easy access of multiple destinations

At Edmium, we are constantly striving to partner with several new Universities located in different countries like the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Singapore and Malaysia to enlarge our database. So, that our partners can easily have an access to wider range of options to choose from for the student without any effort.

What Partners Do

Providing Assistance

Our partners recruit experienced and dedicated counsellors under them to understand the student’s current academic and financial situation after a thorough interview. Using Edmium’s fast searching platform, they can suggest the students various University and course options that are available for them to cater to their needs. Partners provide on-going guidance and support through the entire process until the student secures a spot in the chosen University ensuring the student meets all the criteria.

Request Queries

Respond to Queries

Getting enrolled into higher studies abroad is a challenging situation for many parents who are supporting their child’s education and naturally will have a lot of concern as they would be spending a lot of their hard earned life savings just to see their child achieve their dreams. It is easy for our Partners to patiently answer all their queries as Edmium will share the information database needed regarding the country, University, course, part-time jobs and culture to ensure that they receive great value for what they are looking to spend in terms of the student’s degree and achieving their goals.

Processing Student Applications and Visa Processing

After detailed understanding of the student’s needs, aspirations, academic and financial situations, suggest Universities they would be interested in using Edmium’s Database. Now our Partners can start processing for the applications and Visas one after the other with all the required information and apply them on time to ensure there are no delays as this is someone’s career. Ensure fast processing to attain goodwill and recognition as if they are satisfied with the services, the student would further refer you to other friends and family. Once the student is successfully enrolled, the Partner would receive an instant and transparent online pay for the rendered service.