what is sandwich program in uk

What is sandwich course in uk

All about ‘Sandwich’ courses in the UK
Just as the name suggests, a sandwich course is a three-year degree program with an additional year of working or studying abroad.

Universities that offer sandwich programs have a two-year study schedule for students at the campus. After two years of study, they allow students to take up a year off regular research. Students get hands-on experience during this period by working with real-time companies if they are a part of vocational courses.

Vocational courses usually train students on skilled craft or technical education. In case the student is pursuing a non-vocational or language course, he/she is advised to take up an additional year of study at a sister institution abroad. After they finish one year of work or study abroad, they return to their primary university to complete another study year. When they graduate, they get a three-year study degree and an additional year of work.

Types of Sandwich courses

There are two types of Sandwich courses, namely the thin sandwich course and the thick sandwich course.

1. The thin Sandwich courses comprise two to three internships or work for six months throughout the year.

2. The thick Sandwich courses comprise a one-year-long single internship or work at an organization. Usually, these organizations, companies, and institutions have a tie-up with the primary university. This helps the student to get the permissions or offers to work quite efficiently.

Advantages of doing a Sandwich course

The Sandwich course allows students to get a hands-on experience of work before graduation. This provides the student with an equally crucial practical way of working as much as the theoretical study. This ensures that he/she is business-ready. If it is a non-vocational course where the candidate takes an additional year of study abroad, this gives the student a new cultural and language experience.

Either way, sandwich courses always give students the advantage of being more skilled at work than the regular study courses.
Additionally, this also gives a financial benefit to all students undertaking the course. The internships or part-time work by companies or organizations offer students with substantial financial incentives. For language courses, primary universities provide students funding to cover students’ expenses abroad more often than not.

Sandwich’s eligibility in the UK remains as much the same as any other master’s course abroad. To understand individual university-specific requirements, it is better to research and check its main website.

Universities that do sandwich courses in the UK

The UK is a country that is very keen on improving quality education. Therefore, most topmost universities in the UK offer Sandwich courses.
Oxford Brooks University, Kings College London, Middlesex University, Lancaster, Surrey, Loughborough University, Aston University, University College London, etc., are some of the top universities in the UK that offer sandwich courses.

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