Bachelor Degrees Abroad

Business Managment

Business and Management

Business & Management is one of the well-known fields of study which teaches you everything to run a successful business. Business & Management includes subdisciplines like Project Management, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, etc.

This includes managing and motivating your team, understanding how the company makes money, reinvesting it, how products are advertised, and helping the company grow and develop business both at home and internationally.

  • University of Bristol, United Kingdom

  • University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

  • University of Arizona, U.S.A

  • Baylor University, U.S.A

  • Monash University, Australia

  • Dalhousie University, Canada

Architecture Image

Arts, Design and Architecture

Arts degrees help students use their creative skills and techniques to communicate ideas and feelings through visual, auditory, and tactile means. Design studies involve working with materials, colors, shapes, typography, and other elements to create aesthetic and functional objects. Architecture degrees prepare specialists who design buildings and structures.

  • University of Victoria, Canada

  • Simon Fraser University, Canada

  • University of New South Wales, Australia

  • Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom

  • American University, U.S.A

  • Baylor University, U.S.A

eng - tech

Engineering and Technology

Mechanical Engineering degrees teach how to design mechanical and thermal devices or subsystems, using analysis and computer-aided design. Mechanical Engineering jobs expect engineers to develop products ranging from small component designs to extremely large plants, machinery, or vehicles. Top engineering schools and universities provide great interdisciplinary Mechanical Engineering degrees.

  • Queensland University of Technology, Australia

  • University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

  • University of Vermont, U.S.A

  • University of Surrey, United Kingdom

  • University of Victoria, Canada

Natural Science

Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences degrees study objects or processes observable in nature, covering subdisciplines such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Geology. Natural Sciences courses, offered by international universities and colleges, focus on the practical application of theory in specialised laboratories. Graduates can find careers in Research and Development, Marketing, Biotechnology, and more.

  • University of Saskatchewan, Canada

  • University of Surrey, United Kingdom

  • Baylor University, U.S.A

  • Macquarie University, Australia

  • RMIT University, Australia


Social Sciences

Social Sciences degrees study human society with its dynamics, behaviors and relationships, at an individual and a collective level. Universities and colleges offer interdisciplinary Social Science studies, including subjects like Sociology, Economics, Psychology, and Political Science. While studying Social Sciences courses, students can conduct research on various topics and prepare for successful careers.

  • University of Tasmania, Australia

  • University of South Australia, Australia

  • The University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom

  • University of Dundee, United Kingdom

  • University of Utah, U.S.A

Applied Science Course

Applied Sciences

Applied Sciences & Professions degrees prepare students for highly specialised occupations. Applied Sciences do not focus on theoretical knowledge, because vocational jobs require more practical training. Classes take concepts from Natural Sciences, Engineering, or other disciplines and graduates can specialise in Emergency Management, Food Sciences, Social Work, Forensic Science, etc.

  • University of Tasmania, Australia

  • Curtin University, Australia

  • University of South Florida, U.S.A

  • University of Surrey, United Kingdom

  • Newcastle University, United Kingdom