Job opportunities after MS in Canada for Indian students

Canada is the next preferred option for overseas education by students, after the USA. There are many reasons for the increasing interest among students to move to Canada. The visa is one main constraint for the same. Canada is a country that welcomes students to pursue their higher education and promotes investment and advancements in the country. Students who find it difficult or not granted a visa to go to the US for education, consider Canada as a good alternative. For the fact, a Canadian resident can travel to 183 different countries using a Canadian visa.

Study visa

With a Canadian study visa, a student can do his/her studies in Canada for a certain period of time. Using this visa, the student can apply for internships and part-time opportunities in the private sector. Only a Canadian citizen can apply for jobs in the government sector.

With a study visa, students can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week. During vacations or off-course time, they can work up to 40 hours a week and get paid well.

Post study work visa
A post-study work visa is a visa that allows immigrants to continue to stay in the country for an extended period of time, to work.

  • A person has to apply for a post-study work visa prior to 180 days of the student visa expiry.
  • He/she has to complete a minimum of 8 months of study in the country to be eligible for a post-study work visa.
  • If any student has 2 years of course time, he/she is eligible to stay for 3 years post graduation while searching for a job.

Job opportunities for Indians after MS

Canada provides top-class education in many courses like Environmental Engineering, Computer Sciences, Biotechnology, Pharma, Management, Civil Engineering, etc. Therefore, all potential job recruiters would be available in large amounts in the country. Before applying for jobs in Canada, it is important to know what will help a graduate to attract calls for jobs easily.

  • Curriculum Vitae. CV or the Curriculum Vitae is the most important document that a person looking for jobs should hold. IT acts as the first impression to the recruiter and helps to know about the abilities and other necessary characteristics of the job seeker.
  • Research. The proper research regarding companies is necessary so that the job seeker will be able to reach the recruiters in time. This will also help him/her excel better in the interviews as they know more information regarding the company.
  • Contacts. Contacts are the most useful resource one can possess. Contacts not only help in offering or referring jobs but they also might endorse the candidate. These endorsements help candidates to stand out among a group of peers.

It is always easy to find jobs once the student is market-ready. To be market-ready, it is important to keep all the above factors in mind along with knowledge in their technical subjects.

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