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COVID-19 Updates from Top universities to Study Abroad

The year 2020 has been really tough for everyone and seemed more rigid for students who dreamed of pursuing higher education abroad. With regulations changed, the admission process varied, students are facing much confusion regarding the same. Therefore, to clear a few misconceptions and doubts, read through the article.

Guidelines for VISA applicants to study overseas

With the Coronavirus outbreak, all countries worldwide have shut down their study abroad application process and restricted any movement through countries. Fortunately, with vaccines almost ready and regular communication and travel resumed, many countries have reopened their VISA application process. For more information on the country-specific visa application process, Contact our overseas education consultant.


With flight services resumed in most parts of the world, students are now advised to check with their universities regarding course commencement dates. It is recommended for students to take a fresh I-20 for 2021 if he/she is still carrying on with online courses with their respective universities. In case the student is a new applicant, it is advisable to finish everything before four months from the course commencement. For more flexibility, some universities also offer emergency appointments where they can join on the day of the course commencement.

Once the student reaches a different country, students are quarantined in respective accommodations, if provided. Some universities also conduct COVID tests to students upon arrival and hence, if tested negative, are compromised from the quarantine formalities. Contact our Study in USA consultants for more updates


UK is one of the world’s first countries to endorse the COVID 19 Pfizer vaccine and make it available throughout the UK for its citizens. Therefore, one can assume that the UK would be a specific country for international students to pursue their education.

The UK is ready for all its course intakes for international students for those who are planning for graduation & postgraduate in the UK, and their application process remains regular.

For students who are already pursuing their masters, the learning has been scheduled to be online. The UK is all set and ready to receive its students in 2021 with adequate safety measures followed in their university campuses.


Under the SP category, Canada visa applicants are allowed to enroll biometrics at Canada Visa Applications Centres in 6 cities across India, namely, Delhi, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore.

Students who have a readiness COVID 19 plan by their Designated Learning Institutes are allowed to come into Canada to satisfy all the other requirements.

Online VISA applications have been resumed. However, they might be delayed to be processed due to the COVID scenario. Contact our study in Canada consultants Now!!!

Other countries like Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, as well have administered similar actions. For more details, enroll in our process of consultation.

Live sessions by Universities Abroad

With all the hustle and much havoc, students might feel demotivated or confused about what decision to make or which university to choose. Many universities have scheduled to perform live sessions where interested students can enroll to relieve students from all the chaos and keep them motivated. These live sessions allow students to get a clear picture of all the prerequisites for the university permit. For more details on the live session and related universities, contact Edmium Overseas Consultants

Latest COVID-19 Vaccine News

Countries like the United Kingdom, USA, India, Russia, and China have administered vaccines and have already started the vaccination process for their respective citizens. Most countries have been successful with a few adverse health cases due to the vaccination in their areas. However, with safety measures being taken independently, one can assume to be safe until the trials for success continue to happen.

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