Social Security Number For Student Employment In US

You are accepted into a top notch school along with a scholarship, and your bags packed, passport and visa. If you intend to work part-time, does one know that you just require a Social security Number (SSN)? This article tells you details about what SSN in USA is and what SSN for international students is?

In the US, a Social Security number (SSN) could be a nine-digit number given to U.S. citizens, permanent and temporary residents under section 205(c)(2) of the social insurance Act. Social Security Number is issued by the Social Security Administration, a United States government agency whose primary principle is to trace individuals for Social Security purposes.

When you want to work on campus, you wish to contact your designated school official (DSO) to test whether you’re eligible to work on campus and should approve certain off-campus work, as allowed under Department of Office of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations. As soon as your school authorizes you to work either on or off campus, you wish to test your eligibility to get a social security number usa.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. SSN Criteria
  2. Immigration Status
  3. Work Eligibility

1. SSN Criteria

You can wait until you’re within the US for a minimum of 10 days before applying for a Social Security Number USA.

How to get social security number?

Here is the process and the documents required on how to apply social security number

·        Fill Form SS-5

·        Provide supporting documents to prove your:

·        Immigration status

·        Age

·        Identity

The filled application and original documents are to be submitted at the local social insurance office in order to get the Social Security number.

2. Immigration Status

To prove your immigration status, you must provide these documents for  

·        U.S. immigration document

·        I-94, Arrival/Departure Record

·        I-20, Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Students

The documents for social security number for international students are same for all nationalities.  

3. Work Eligibility

As an F-1 student and qualified to figure on-campus, you must provides a letter from your DSO:

·        Identifying you

·        Confirming your current school status

·        Identifies the employer and therefore the kind of work

·        Evidence of employment (letter from the employer, signed and dated)

The letter from the employer must detail about:

·        Your job

·        Your employment start date

·        Working hours

·        Employer’s name, address and sign

Applications won’t be processed when:

Your on-campus work or CPT begins 30 days after your application date

The work start date on your legal document from DHS (Form I-766) could be a future date


You can submit your certificate or submit your passport or a document provided by DHS, as evidence of your age.


You have to submit your recent photograph and Social Security Administration will need to see your current U.S. immigration documents. Adequate documents comprise:

·        Form I-551 and your passport

·        Form I-94 and your passport

·        Form 1-766 and your legal document card from DHS

All documents should be either originals or copies certified by the issuing agency and not photocopies or notarized copies. Avoid submitting receipts of applications.

Usually, SSN isn’t required before you begin work. But, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires employers to report wages using SSN. While you stay up for your SSN, you submit a letter from the Social Security Administration to your employer as a symbol that you simply applied for variety. During the mean time your employer can use your immigration documents as proof of your authorization to figure within the US.

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