Job Opportunities In Ireland: All You Need To Know

Ireland has recently introduced the Third Level Graduate Scheme per which, after completing their studies, international students in Ireland can stay back for twenty-four months and look for job opportunities in Ireland. So Jobs at Ireland for International students have grown considerably within the previous few years. The percent in Ireland is near 5% only, reflecting the prospects for college kids are manifold immediately after graduation.

To apply for employment in Ireland, international students must obtain Stamp 1G or obtain a piece permit. There are 9 visa options for international students, the foremost applied for visas are, General Employment Permit and significant Skills Employment Permit. There are equal job opportunities in Ireland for both Indian and international students as well. job in Ireland for Indians are growing as the jobs in Ireland are growing significantly.

Also, people who want to continue with further studies can get STAMP 2 renewed. to increase student visa or Stamp 2, students must submit Irish Residence Permit (IRP) or GNIB Card, proof of fee payment and scholarship/ funding proof.

In this article, let us look at:

  1. Jobs in Ireland for International Students
  2. Top companies offering Employment
  3. Ireland Work Permit- Requirements
  4. Best Universities

1. Jobs in Ireland for International Students

Ireland’s service sector is flourishing as offices of major information technology giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are located within the country. Jobs after studying in Ireland are booming within the Information Technology sector. Also, a substantial rise within the demand of graduates from hospitality and tourism industry has been observed.

The jobs at Ireland are into various fields creating job opportunities in Ireland for Indians and jobs in Ireland for foreigners. Here is the list of job opportunities in ireland after masters:

FieldJob Profile
Information TechnologyApp Developer
Data analysts
Software developers
IT Support Specialists
Business and FinanceAccountants
Business intelligence Analysts
Financial Advisors
Risk and Compliance Professionals
EngineeringBiomedical Engineers
Chemical Engineers
Electrical engineers
Energy engineers
Transport and LogisticsLogistics and Supply Chain Managers
Supply Chain Analysts
Transport Managers

2. Top companies offering Employment

Here are the top companies which are creating jobs at Ireland. Check the list here:

·        Apple

·        Google

·        Twitter

·        Facebook

·        Accenture

·        Aon

·        Dell Ireland

·        Ryanair

·        Microsoft

·        Boston Scientific

3. Ireland Work Permit- Requirements

To get a work permit, international students must:

·        Have PPS Number or GNIB card

·        Proficiency in English/ Irish or both

·        Higher education qualifications

·        Original letter signed by the Irish Universities’ Registrar

·        Passport

4. Best Universities

·        University College Dublin

·        Trinity College Dublin

·        University of Limerick

·        University College Cork

·        Dublin City University

Ireland is a country with one of the finest markets of software industry. It is known as the games capital of Europe. Ireland is a hub of top IT companies of the world that hires a number of graduates each year. Students can look for suitable job opportunities in Ireland after their masters in computer science.

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