Part Time Jobs In Germany For International Students

Part-time jobs in Germany are open for International students in Germany as well. In this article, we shall discuss some of the work opportunities available for Indian students in Germany. There are many internship opportunities for Indian students and part time jobs in Germany for international students as well. There are many considerations that effect the student’s decision. Many students like to work while studying. There are German job opportunities for all students who wish to study in the country. 

In this article, let us look at:

  1. Laws for Students part time Jobs In Germany
  2. Kind of Jobs
  3. How much do they pay?

1. Laws for Students part time Jobs In Germany

  • As an international student, you are allowed to take up part time jobs in Germany along with the studies. 
  • You can work for a total of 120 full days or 240 half days in a year. The university can be in a high r low employment region. If you are in a low employment region, you might get work permit for more than 120 days.  
  • You are allowed to work 20 hours per week during the semester. You can work full time during semester break. 
  • A work permit from “Agentur Fur arbeit”(Federal employement Agency). The permit would have details of the duration of the work you can take up. 
  • If you are enrolled in a preparatory course or language course, you’ll have many restrictions. You’ll be allowed to work only during the semester break with permission from a foreign authority
  • Taxation can be another concern. A student earning less than 450 Euros a month and need not pay taxes. Also, if you work less than 50 days in a row in a period of one year, you are exempted. 
  • Working for more than 20 hours a week is not advised. It’s not only against the university rules but also working more than the limit would require you to pay health insurance. 
  • Compliance with federal law is extremely important. You can be expelled from the country if you are found not following the rules and have your permit in place. 
  • When it comes to working within the university, the working hours are completely different. They are far better and can work for long hours. But getting a job at the university is not easy. 

2. Kind of Jobs

There are varieties of part time jobs in Germany for ms students. There are many job opportunities in the country which help you earn while studying. The kinds of part time jobs in Germany for Indian students and international students are below: 

  • Teaching/Graduate/Research Assistants at the University

The job of teaching/ graduate assistants is open to research scholars and pay decent enough money. These jobs include assisting professor with marking copies, giving tutorials, or prepare research literature, as supervisors, as librarians, etc. these jobs are advertised on the university boards. 

  • Support Staff/waiters at café, bars, etc. 

Waiting or catering assignments are often the most famous jobs among kids. Many students opt for this for more reasons than money. This gives you a better opportunity to explore the city and meet new people. 

  • English Tutor

It is another better opportunity for part time job in Germany. The international students teach English to German students. There are often private tuitions and is a decent payout. You have to be proficient in the language. 

  • Industrial Production Assistants

These are well paying jobs and are a good option for students looking for some experience and are more relevant employment option after the studies. A student can find these jobs in the local newspapers. The jobs in Germany for Indian freshers can also be available.  

There are many ways you can find part time job opportunities in Germany. There are part time jobs in Germany for English speakers as well as the international students. Here are some great places to find part time jobs in Germany for students: –

  • The British Council, where jobs are posted for international positions in German-speaking countries. 
  • CAREERS EXPO, where international companies looking for job candidates post their vacancies.
  • European Jobs, which is an online portal that caters to European citizens and international students alike looking for work in Europe. 
  • Express Newspaper – As well as English Jobs, they also have a page dedicated to jobs in Germany and Switzerland. 
  • Find a Job in Germany – This is a great resource that offers plenty of information on the labor market and economic conditions of the country.

3. How much do they pay?

The most important aspect is part time job salary in Germany for international students. The part time jobs in Germany salary can be set according to the number of hours and the type of job you do. The minimum salary for a part time job is 2161 Euros. The average hours per week for a part time job in Germany are 10-30 hours and minimum wage of 9 Euros per hour. The wages are usually high in big cities but the cost of living in those cities is also on the higher side. 

The part time jobs in Germany are a great opportunity for international students. To study in Germany is a great decision, it can be a great source of pocket and socialization and nothing else. Germany is a good country to study and live in. 

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