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    Studying abroad has been among the top priorities of students and parents. Studying abroad helps students get degrees in a few of the most reputed universities in the world and allows them to develop their personality, communication, understanding, intermingling ability, etc. Though it might seem like a complicated process to finally get admission to the desired university, it is not so with EDMIUM at your reach.

    Stevens Institute of Technology

    Stevens Institute of Technology is named for the distinguished family known as "America's First Family of Inventors." The Stevens family changed the face of American engineering forever, designing steamboats, locomotives, railroad tracks and a host of other technical innovations that powered a new nation. When inventor Edwin A. Stevens died in 1868, his will provided for the establishment of the university that now bears his family’s name. Two years later, in 1870, Stevens Institute of Technology opened, offering a rigorous engineering curriculum leading to the degree of Mechanical Engineer following a course of study firmly grounded both in scientific principles and the humanities.
    • Business Administration- MBA
    • MS in Business Intelligence and Analytics
    • MS in Financial Engineering
    • MS in Inforamtion Systems
    • MS in Technology Management
    • MS in Computer Science
    • MS in machine Learning
    • MS in Biomedical Engineering
    • MS in Chemical Engineering
    • MS in Material Science Engineering
    • MS in Civil Engineering
    • MS in Electrical Engineering
    • MS in Computer Engineering
    • MS In Mechanical Engineering
    • MS in Robotics
    • MS In Engineering Management
    • MS in Systems Engineering
    • The Ann P. Neupauer Scholarship
    • The Edwin A. Stevens Scholarship
    • The FIRST Scholarship
    • The Martha Bayard Stevens Scholarship
    • The Presidential Scholarship
    • The ROTC Matching Scholarship
    At Stevens, we are committed to providing students with a supportive and inclusive campus environment that promotes respect for individual differences and is free from discrimination. We value diversity and inclusion and understand the vital role they play in creating a vibrant and enriching campus culture. https://youtu.be/iDI3BWyeRTQ

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