The crux of Edmium admission process largely comprises three prime factors namely- A result-driven expert guidance, access to detailed admission data of universities followed by a pragmatic approach to the entire admission process. Our inhouse counselors bring in ample experience on to the table that would help you take each step of the admission process rationally. Our data-driven, information loaded methodologies will give you an edge over the rest of the applicants.

Advising Approach

Data Driven | Structured | Tailored

Our prime focus is on a systematic approach to the whole admission process

At Edmium, we have worked relentlessly to devise a structured plan for the students in consultation with our counselors and university admission departments to create a foolproof admission plan for each one of you. We continuously calibrate ourselves to bring all the latest university admission criteria, standard acceptance benchmarks to students kitty, thus ensuring a sure shot entry to top universities.

Our Process

Our process is centric to four cardinal factors of the admission process:


We couple all the above aspects to ensure you submit an application that is complete, customized and compelling in all respects.

Our Data

Precise | foolproof | Classified

We firmly believe that information is wealth, true to this we leave no stone unturned to collect as much information as possible to give that edge to students seeking admission advise from us. An unparalleled effort is put in to ensure we stay abreast with all the latest on university admissions, procedures and different criteria set.

Regular Updates

Keeping in mind the dynamic admission process, increasing number of schools and latest courses, our teams at Edmium are always on the go to include the new resources to help students get access to the latest on university admissions

What Does This Mean For You?

Our counselors have access to a vast database consisting of all the latest universities, courses, admission processes through which they can give a transparent evaluation of the acceptance chances, university information and financial aid that you receive. Thus, giving you a clear picture of what to expect.

Unique Access

Our indepth study of all the universities and admission procedures include historic data too through which we conduct an analysis of various parameters for students.

What Does This Mean For You?

Choosing our help for university admissions will surely give you an advantage from your peers, given the resources we have. We also set a standard in terms of our counseling, customized methodic approach coupled with data-driven techniques.


Systematic | Expertise | Enthusiastic

Our teams of counselors are highly knowledgeable in academics with a passion to assist students. They have a complete know-how of the admission process and procedures, including the intricate details of an application that tends to appeal to the admission department personnel.

With Edimum, you can rest assured that your application will be measured on a 360-degree perspective, assuring it is inline with our well compiled exhaustive admission checklist. The end result is an unparalleled time-bound and result-driven success to universities and courses of your choice.


  • Knowledgeable counselors with proven experience
  • Adherence to timelines
  • Keeping multiple perspectives in place for greater clarity
  • Dedicated personal & result oriented service
  • One-to-one understanding of student scenarios
  • A large pool of counselors, analysts who chalk a foolproof admission plan

Following a simple form filling, we direct your application and scores to universities of your choice cum to another list of recommended universities. You can either choose to take it forward by yourself or seek our expert guides who would work with you hand in hand to draw a personal roadmap by understanding your scores, financial fit, and other socio-economic factors thereby leading your path to a university of your choice.